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Route of the Trans-Siberian Railway

Photos of the Czech legion’s trans-Siberian trek during the Russian Revolution

Map showing the dismemberment of Czechoslovakia in 1938, 1939:

Operation Barbarossa

Berlin Blockade

East German Uprising

Factbook – Czech Republic

Information on weapons that are featured in Gauntlet:
The Masin group’s initial arsenal:
MG-38/40 “Schmiesser”
P-38 (carried by Pepa at Kovolis, and later by Radek in East Germany):

Celakovice submachine guns:
Sa 23

Milan’s lost STAR pistol (obtained in Celakovice raid):

Vasek’s CZ 7.65 (obtained in Celakovice raid, used by Vasek at Kovolis and in East Germany)

Walther PPK (obtained from Koci by Pepa at Kovolis, and carried by Pepa in East Germany):

VOPO equipment:

Officer’s sidearm (carried by Grumini)
Parabellum 08

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